Report Sightings of Kites

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who are reporting your sightings of Kites.

The Southern England Kite Group (SEKG) are interested in groups of kites that are seen outside the Chilterns Core Area

The monitoring group would like to hear of any birds that can be positively identified by their wing tag colour and number, especially outside of the core area.

(If you have any problems with the email, you can send your sightings to this website email)

Send an email either to or to The SEKG with your sightings. Please type Red Kite Sighting onto the subject line for emails sent to the SEKG. Please also send in your reports of any nests that you think may be red kite nests.

Please do NOT report sightings of lone kites with no wing tags.

Photo: An example of how the wing tags look on a red kite in flight.

Wing tags seen in flight

Photo © Helen Olive