2015 - recently attended an international symposium at the ZSL in London.

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Ian Carter of Natural England presented 'The selection of species for translocation'
The symposium reviewed the impact of disease on species restoration through translocation, and considered lessons learned to guide effective planning and implementation of future translocation projects. Health management of conservation interventions was discussed, including methods of disease-risk analysis, evaluation of disease management alternatives, use of molecular tools to unravel disease risks, mitigation of diseases and methods for post-release health monitoring.

Richard Shore, NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology presented "Toxins in rare and reintroduced species: The red kite"

Organised by: Anthony Sainsbury (Zoological Society of London), Katherine Walsh (Natural England), Ian Carter (Natural England), John Ewen (Zoological Society of London), Matt Hartley (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)