2014 The Chilterns Breeding Season

Of the 186 pairs recorded, 116 produced young, 39 failed and the outcome of the other 31 is unknown. The average brood size in the nests visited was 1.35 (124 chicks in a sample of 92 nests).

There were 5 broods of 3 chicks, 22 broods of 2 and 65 single chick broods. All of the broods of 3 were outside the main core area.

A sample of 60 broods in the main core area (less than 7km from the release site) had an average of 1.18 chicks per nest while a sample of 32 nests further out had an average of 1.66 chicks per nest. The average brood size in the core area was the same as last year at 1.18. The attached pdf file below gives the results for the core area and nests further out for the last 4 years: