2006 - Sad End for Little Chick

Those of you who visited the CCTV Nestwatch in 2004 at the Garden Centre just outside Stokenchurch will be familiar with the story of 'Little Chick' aka A6.

She was the last chick to hatch, and was constantly attacked by her two siblings. She was also deprived of food, with the first hatched, and the strongest, taking the majority share of the food - which is normal behaviour, as this ensures at least one chick survives.

After crash landing upon leaving the nest, she was in rehabilitation for two years, due to a severe wing infection. She was finally released this year in Gateshead, where the reintroduction programme has taken place in the North East of England. She had a radio transmitter fitted.

The first release was not successful, so she was brought back into captivity. Unfortunately, the second release was not successful, even after flying well. She was eventually found dead in a field, possibly the victim of a fox attack.

A sad end to a young bird the local people called 'Little Chick'.