2006 - Red Kite Found in Bungalow Sitting Room!

An adult red kite found its way into the sitting room of a bungalow owned by a retired couple.

The retired couple, from South Buckinghamshire, told me that they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw something being chased by two dogs, down the side entrance of their bungalow, on Good Friday this year.

The resident dog and another dog - belonging to a lady who was visiting the couple - were approaching the red kite that had found itself on the ground in the garden. As it attempted to get away from the dogs, and while one lady was in the process of catching one of the dogs, the red kite swifly ran through the legs of the lady holding the dog, straight through the open door into the kitchen, through the dining room, into the sitting room.

"At first I thought it was a pheasant" Mrs X told me. "All I could see were reddish feathers".

Mr X who was sitting on the sofa, told tbis that he was afraid to move, incase he panicked the bird thus causing injury to it.

Mrs X slowly came up behind the adult red kite, which, by this time, was displaying it's 5.5 feet wingspan in glorious detail, in the middle of the room. She managed to get hold of the bird, by wrapping her hands around the body, keeping the wings closed in tightly.

She took the bird outside to the bottom of their spacious garden, and released it. None the worse for its experience, the bird flew away with the grace and ease which they are renowed, and was then seen flying together with another red kite overhead.

One possible reason for the kite in the garden, could have been the presence of a small dogs toy, as kites are known to carry these items to their nests. The couple involved in the story do NOT feed the red kites. However, they live in an area where the kites are used to having food thrown out for them, thus suggesting this particular bird was used to garden conditions.

Certainly a once in a lifetime experience for anyone!