2009 - Injured red kite rescued in Bedfordshire

What must be one of the luckiest red kites in England has been successfully rescued after being found almost dead in Bedfordshire. received news from Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue about a young kite that had been found in a very poor state on the ground at the base of a tree, after severe buffeting windy weather.

Fortunately, the red kite was found just in time and taken to the wildlife rescue centre barely conscious and shivering with shock. It was quickly placed under a brooder lamp and given medication. After being given fluids and food, the following day the red kite was much brighter.

Check out the Bedfordshire wildlife rescue website to follow the story of this lucky young kite and see the amazing photographs.

These people do fantastic work taking care of injured wildlife, and it's to their credit, and of course to the credit of the kind people who found and rescued the kite, that it surived that dreadful night.