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2009 - Injured red kite rescued in Bedfordshire

One of the luckiest red kites in England ...more

2008 - The Chilterns Breeding Season

The Chilterns red kite population continues to increase ...more

2008 - Chilterns Kites Head For Aberdeen!

Twenty kites collected from nests located in the Chilterns ...more

2008 - kite photo in Houses of Parliament Bar

A red kite photo which features in the gallery can now be seen in the Houses of Parliament Bar ...more

2007 - New Red Kite Beer Launched in North East

A brewery has named its new ruby ale 'Northern Kite' ...more

2007 - A unimpressive breeding season for the kites

The Chilterns Red Kites have had a less than impressive breeding season this year. ...more

2007 - Fifteen Chilterns Chicks Relocate to Aberdeen

A three year project to reintroduce Red Kites to Aberdeen is underway ...more

2006 - Sad End for Little Chick

Those of you who visited the CCTV Nestwatch in 2004 at the Garden Centre just outside Stokenchurch will be familiar with the story of 'Little Chick' aka A6. ...more

2006 - Red Kite Found in Bungalow Sitting Room!

An adult red kite found its way into the sitting room of a bungalow owned by a retired couple. ...more