Report a dead kite. Threats to Kites



If you notice any discarded twine or similar, please pick it up and safely dispose of it so that it minimises the risk of wildlife suffering terrible injuries and even a long and painful death.

Red Kites collect all sorts of litter and objects to decorate their nests. As a result of this behaviour, they are particularly susceptible to the dangers of becoming entangled in discarded twine.

This adult red kite was found dead hanging from a tree with its talons entangled in discarded bale twine. This unlucky kite no doubt suffered before exhaustion set in as it attempted to free itself from the twine tangled up in its talons and tree branch.

To minimise the risk of this happening to other kites and wildlife in general, it is especially important that twine and similar items are correctly disposed of, and not left to litter the countryside.

© Helen Olive